Nusa Penida

Bali has several beautiful islands just a short boat ride from the coasts. Nusa Penida is one of those islands – a popular tourist destination. People come from all over the world to visit Bali, and with that includes its incredible adjacent islands. You can hop on a local boat out to the island, or you can schedule a pick up from your hotel and catch a boat out to the island from the harbor in Sanur with a tourism or travel company. There are plenty of options for reaching the island, which will help make your visit easier and more laid back.
The island is best known for its beautiful scenery and incredible snorkel spots. A popular site-seeing location on Nusa Penida is called Kelingking Cliff. You can walk up to the edge of the cliff to view a beautiful sectioned off and the rounded segment of the island with a small beach at the bottom. Blue waters and waves break around this side of the island, revealing clear waters, sand bottoms, and reefs from up above. People can even walk down a long staircase from the top of the cliffside to access the beach down below. Although it is a long bumpy road to get to this destination from the port, it is definitely worth the trip as it is one of Nusa Penida’s most beautiful and unique spots.
Another popular destination on the island is Angel’s Billabong. This area shows a remote little pool within a bunch of lava rocks showing clear waters that reveal what’s below. The pool fills with water when the tide is high, and at low tide, the waters are calmer, and people can swim in it. Located directly next to it is Broken beach, which is only a couple minutes’ walk away. Broken Beach reveals a circular beach enclosed inside a cliffside. The only way water gets inside is through a small arch on the ocean side of the beach. It is truly a unique spot to see as not many beaches are segregated from the actual ocean like this one is.
Crystal Bay is a fantastic snorkel and hangout beach on Nusa Penida. Here there is a small wedged wave that breaks over a reef which is home to various kinds of fish and coral. The water is very clear and calm, which makes it a popular gathering for snorkelers all over the island. You can also hang out on the beach afterward and enjoy one of the many different types of refreshments.
After your visit to Nusa Penida island with Nusa penida tour, you can take the boat back to the harbor in Bali and head on out to the beautiful Kuta Beach. This is a popular hangout beach and surfing spot, especially for beginners. The ultimate way to top off your trip to Nusa Penida would be to end the day surfing at Kuta with Odysseys Surf School.