Marine Life in Bali

Bali is surrounded by beautiful tropical oceans that are home to various kinds of marine life. With 952 different species of fish, Bali consists of numerous dive and snorkel spots where these fish can be observed in a live underwater setting. Seeing marine life up close puts into perspective how astonishing ocean life can be and how little the average person knows about what goes on below the water’s surface. 

         Fish can be found all over the island’s coasts roaming through reefs, sand beds, and seaweed. Some of the fish you might encounter are Sweetlips, Oval-Spot Butterfly or a Blue Triggerfish. All kinds of fish present abstract colors and designs on their scales that you wouldn’t want to miss out seeing on your next trip to Bali. 

         Besides fish, you will often find sea turtles exploring marine areas around Bali. These graceful creatures roam around the vast open waters making Bali a hotspot for divers around the world. You can also find eels, starfish and crustaceans spending their days around the ocean floor. There are tons of marine life to be explored below the surface.

         Scuba diving requires lots of important equipment to keep the diver safe underwater, so you can purchase or rent these items at a local dive shop. If this activity is not your speed, but you would still like to get involved in the ocean, there are surf companies all over the island of Bali that will take you out for a session. The best surf school in Bali is Odysseys Surf School located at Kuta Beach. A qualified instructor will provide you with surf equipment and take you out in the ocean for a surfing session you will never forget. 

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