Kids surf with Santa [2017]

The surf with santa event started out on Saturday, 9th December 2017 at 8AM. 3 busses full of excited kids from GOR Sweca Klungkung  evacuee shelter jumped out to have a day of fun and learning surfing with Odysseys Surf School!

After a short introduction of the program of the day in Odysseys’s office, we took the children headed towards the lifeguard’s office to receive the safety in the water’s information from one of the lifeguard officers, Mr. Made Suparka.

After the short training session from the Balawista lifeguard Kuta beach, we continued the program with the beach clean up all the way from the lifeguard’s office to Odysseys Surf School.

Finally, time for a surfing session! All the Kids were really excited for this activity because none of them ever surfed before, and Santa made it even more special! Everyone had a blast and surfed until they were absolutely exhausted.

When the surf session was over it was time for an amazing lunch provided by the Hard Rock Cafe Bali, and nothing beats a good lunch after sporting!

We, the staff from Odysseys Surf School, had an absolute blast celebrating Christmas in such a special way, with such amazing children. We cant wait for our next annual Surfing with Santa event!

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe Bali for supporting this event and providing delicious lunch as always for the children from Mount Agung evacuess.

And thank you Oakley Bali for joining the event.

Merry Christmas!

See you all next year! Ho Ho Ho