How to Save Money on a Surf Trip to Bali

Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf? Surfing is a fantastic sport to learn, especially when you are on vacation. However, sometimes it can be expensive when you put into perspective how much you need to spend to make it happen. New boards can be pricey, swim gear costs money, and private surf instructors can charge a lot! Even traveling with all this equipment adds extra unwanted costs to your vacation. Board bags are very expensive, and it is even more money to check the board with your flight in the airport. This might be the reason that is holding you back from catching your first wave.
When you take a trip to Bali, there is a way to surf for your first time without spending too much money on all of the necessary equipment. Odyssey Surf School at Kuta Beach offers reasonably priced surfing packages that will cover everything you need to get up on a wave. You can pay a surf lesson that comes with a board, personal instructor and rash guard. There is also an opportunity to take the lesson in a group or do a solo session. You’re also given a locker and access to showers to rinse off after the lesson. Odysseys Surf School has everything you need to get started. You can also purchase surf lesson packages that will allow you to surf with all the necessary equipment for more than one day. Lessons can be intermediate or beginner depending on your skill level. There is no better way than to learn how to surf with the best surf school in Bali.
With Odyssey Surf School, it is guaranteed you stand up on a wave during your first lesson. If this does not happen, it would be the companies pleasure to give you a free extended surfing lesson to make sure you stand up. If you are worried about coming to Bali from an international location, all of Odyssey’s surf instructors are fluent in both English and Japanese to ensure easy communication with the guests. A free pick up service from your hotel is also included in select areas, so you don’t need to worry about paying extra for transport to the beach.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to go surfing in Bali. Kuta Beach provides beautiful waves in tropical waters to give the customer a true island surfing experience they will never forget.