Give a smile back to the community

Charity programs are something that always has kept us busy. We always felt responsible to do something back to the community and give everyone the chance to enjoy surfing. In the past we had project such a Christmas surfing with orphan kids and a Board for a Smile. At the moment, we are working on long-term project to give local grommets a chance to become better surfers by supporting them for competitions and their study. On this way, we want to give something back to the community.


Christmas surfing with Orphans is an annual event where the children get a free surf lesson and they learn about a good environment, which includes a beach clean up. This will give them a great lesson about surfing and gives them a Christmas experience they wont forget easily.


The Board for a Smile project is a bigger project throughout whole Indonesia. We ask for second hand surfboards that won’t be used anymore, but still can be used. We repair the boards when necessary and give them to the kids that need them. The main purpose is that all children deserve a chance to pursue their passion for surfing in the best conditions possible by providing them with proper surfboards.


As a surf school, we know how important surfing can be in someone’s life. That’s why Odysseys Surf School decided to support grommets (kids) all over Indonesia to help them to chase their surfing dream. Not so long ago, in April 2016, Odysseys Surf School donated a surfboard to Felix, a grommet that rides the waves in his home break Red Island, Java. This board is made a special size so it fits perfect to him to become a better surfer. We really like to help the kids that need a little push in the right direction to become closer to their dream.


In Kuta, we support two grommets that are riding the waves in their home break, Kuta Beach. These grommets are in the ocean as soon as they have the chance. To help them become better surfers, we support by signing them up for competitions. Besides helping them with surfing, we also want them to continue studying so the parents are supported with the monthly fee and equipment (uniform, shoes and bag) what is needed for school. On this way, we try to help the local grommets to become better surfers but we also want them to keep their focus on their study.


In the future, Odysseys Surf School wishes to support more and more grommets all over Indonesia. We want them to come closer to their dreams and help them where it’s necessary, not only with surfing but also with their study. We are just started with this long-term project, but already 3 grommets are being supported. We hope to help many grommets more so more children can chase there dreams! Surfing is fun and has to be available for everyone, especially kids. If you have any questions or you want more information, feel free to leave a comment!