BBQ in kuta beach with Odysseys surf school crew

What’s a better way to end the day of working than a barbeque at the beach with the crew at the workplace?

Yesterday was the monthly BBQ of September for Odysseys surf school members.

Every month Odysseys Surf School has a barbeque on the beach, 2 people are pointed out to organise the barbeque and make it a great success.

There were a lot of people, because of the crew members and their families this let to an amazing vibe on the beach. There was plenty of fantastic food and the barbeque skills of our surf instructors did absolutely not disappoint.

The barbeque was arranged for the crew to appreciate their hard work, the effort they put in their work and to recharge for the upcoming month.

 Since the 1st barbeque a lot has improved, there where more people and there was a wider range of food. So the next barbecue might even be better!

Making music, eating together and drinking beers brought our team even closer together. Do you want to take lessons at the happiest and most fun surf school in Bali? Book with us now!

Let us know in the comments what your best summer experience was!