Bali – A Surfer’s Sanctuary

The island of Bali off of Indonesia is a globally known place for providing perfect waves all around the coast. Surfers from around the world dream of one day being able to experience the incredible waves the island has to offer. From beginner to advanced waves, Bali can provide any surfer with an abundance of rides suited for their skill level and preferences.
Beginner surfers are welcomed at large public beaches such as Kuta and Canggu. Both locations provide incredible beach breaks along their coasts where surfers can experience the enjoyment of rights and lefts for both regular and goofy footers. If a surfer is not comfortable surfing outside in the lineup, there are plenty of easy white water waves to be practiced on to get the hang of surfing. There are also a variety of surf schools in both locations. The two best surf schools are Odysseys Surf School at Kuta Beach and Canggu Bali Surf Lesson in Canggu. Either place will provide their customer with top of the line equipment – surfboard, rash guard, and helmet (if requested). You can participate in either a beginner or intermediate surf lesson, and a personal instructor will guide you through the whole session.
Advanced surfers in search of bigger and more powerful waves can check out Padang Padang and Uluwatu. Padang Padang, also known as the Balinese Pipeline, offers a beautiful left-hand barrel. Since these waves are so perfectly shaped yet also challenging, there is an annual competition sponsored by Rip Curl held at this location for surfers showcase their talents. Uluwatu is known for having powerful waves and long rides. Uluwatu is a truly special surf spot given the fact that it provides amazing waves and offers extraordinary scenery that surrounds the break. These two spots are the most sought after breaks in Bali by advanced surfers.
There are few places on this Earth that replicate the majesty that surrounds the island of Bali. It is such a unique place, especially for major surf enthusiasts. It acts as a sanctuary to surfers as it welcomes anyone open to the incredibly rare feeling of surfing that only a few get to truly an experience. With the islands, many surf hostels and accommodations, it is practically and opens invite for surfers around the world to share these incredible waves.