What to bring to a surf trip to Bali?

What to bring on a surf trip is always tricky, you don’t want to bring to much and certainly don’t want to miss things on your trip. That’s why we’ve listed 6 essentials for a surf trip to Bali for you!

Your Board… or Not

Bringing your own board on a surf vacation used to be a no brainer. These days, with extra baggage charges for sports gear reaching Code Red Ridiculous, many surfers are choosing to rent or even buy a board once they arrive in their destination.

Craigslist and other resale sites allow travelers heading to surf hotspots to buy a board at the beginning of their trip and resell it at the end for less than the cost of an excess baggage fee.


There’s nothing worse than putting on wet Lycra when you’re heading out for a sunset surf session. Pack multiple quick dry swimsuits or board shorts in your bag to ensure you always have a dry pair lying around.

Sun Protection

You’re going to be putting in major hours in front of all the elements. Make sure you’ve packed a waterproof, sweat-proof sunblock to protect your skin, and reapply often. Throw in some aloe just in case you overdo it despite your best intentions.

Beach Towel or Travel Towel

Beach towels are bulky and slow to dry out. Pack a lightweight travel towel and save the space and weight in your travel bag. Or by a Sarong at a local store!

A Rash Guard or Wetsuit

For warmer tropical destinations, pack a rash guard to protect yourself from sunburns and surf rash. For slightly more chilled waters, pack a wetsuit. Luckily you’re likely to get cold in the warm water of Bali.

A water-resistant Duffel

A small water-resistant duffel is the perfect daypack for the beach or for boat trips to remote surf spots. It will help keep your clothes and valuables dry and give you one less thing to worry about while you hunt for the perfect wave.[1]

You can buy sunblock, swimwear and a water-resistant duffel at the Odysseys Surf School Office and rent a surfboard which comes with a rash guard and towel! If you want to become better at surfing, you can drop by the office or book your lessons here!

Did we miss any essentials? Let us know in the comments below!