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Due to the rainy sesson the Kuta Beach may get a little dirty...     Contact us  for more info...    ---    Maximal Duration for Surfing 2,5 Hours for each lesson.    ---    Odysseys Surf School open everyday and the lesson keep follow the schedule, although in rains condition.    ---    
Santa claus teaching surfing for orphans

Santa claus teaching surfing for orphans January,19 2013

About ten children from Elisama Orphanage, denpasar, crowded Kuta beach as they joined the surfing lesson with Odysseys Surf School's instructor, dresses in full Santa Claus outfit.   More»
Kids Surf Contest on November 2011

Kids Surf Contest on November 2011 November,15 2011

Odysseys Surf School join on Kids Surf Contest under 14 years old.   More»
Kids Surfer from Odysseys Surf School become the Winner on Kids Surf Contest

Kids Surfer from Odysseys Surf School become the Winner on Kids Surf Contest October,17 2011

Kids surfer from Odysseys Surf School become the winner...   More»
Program anak - anak Odysseys Surf School dalam Oakley World Pro Junior 2011

Program anak - anak Odysseys Surf School dalam Oakley World Pro Junior 2011 October,04 2011

Odysseys Surf School bekerjasama dalam program anak - anak dengan Oakley Indonesia dalam acara Oakley World Pro junior 2011. Dalam program ini, Odysseys Surf School membawa beberapa anak - anak yatim piatu atau dari keluarga pedagang di pantai kuta untuk ikut menyaksikan kontes. Dengan harapan, mereka dapat terinspirasi dan termotivasi untuk belajar surfing baik itu sebagai lifestyle maupun karir.   More»
Best Surf School on 8th Annual Surftime awards

Best Surf School on 8th Annual Surftime awards September,11 2011



      Why Odysseys Surf School Bali ?

  • Odysseys Surf School is a surfing school with a reputation for it's open, fun and friendly atmosphere. Established in 2003 and sponsored by Oakley and supported by the Academy of Surfing Instructors Australia, Hard Rock Cafe, Surftime-Surf Mag , Surfer Girl we have the know how, skill, experience and resources to make our surf school an exciting place for its students to learn how to surf in Bali.
  • Our Surf School headquarter is located at the Mercure Hotel Arcade just in front of Kuta Beach , a beach very famous for its white sandy bottom, breaking waves and waist deep water, making our school the perfect and suitable place to learn surfing . Why is our location an ideal location for surfers? see where we are located
  • Our surfing lesson in Bali is suitable for beginners and intermediate level surfers between the ages of 6 and 60. The school has terrific people in the company who will go the extra mile and more to help you experience the most enjoyable learning to surf experience. No matter if you are a girl or boy, young or old and you want to learn how to surf, Odysseys surf school is the right Bali surfing school for you.
  • With the best value for your money and most affordable tuition fee/rates in the industry, our surf school guarantees an exciting experience for beginner level surfers to start standing up on their board in the first few surfing lesson in Bali and ride the wave with our professional Australian certified instructors .
  • Odysseys Surf School's professional and accredited instructors are trained in all aspects of customer safety, including bronze level for Lifesaving Surf Rescue, Advanced Resuscitation and Senior First Aid International Standard.
  • All of our instructors are fluent in both English and Japanese .
  • Odysseys Surf School will ensure you have the essential knowledge and the essential skills needed to practice surfing safely during your surfing lessons in Bali and after you have completed your surfing lessons.
  • To offer you flexibility while you are vacationing in Bali, Odysseys provide s two daily classes and a 1 day till 5 days Bali surfing lesson packages . You are free to choose single classes or which ever duration daily packages that suits your needs, atlhough we will recommend you what would be an ideal duration based on your previous level of experience. If you want to learn as much as you can while on a limited budget , our single classes is a great way to get started and can be upgraded later.
  • With Odyssyey surf school you can rest assured that you will be using the best equipment that the surfing industry has to offer
  • When you book your Bali surf lessons with Odysseys surf school, this also includes a free pick up service (a small fee applies if you are staying in the Sanur area).
  • With Odysseys all beginners find themselves standing on a board by the end of our two-hour activity session.
  • Apart from the lessons ... remember that Surfing is all about having fun! From several different Kuta activities available to choose from, Bali surfing is considered by many as being the most fun and challenging Bali activity while you are in Kuta. Iit could also be cheap if you book through Odysseys Surf School.
  • It is really simple and it's so much easier than you think. Just bring your spirit of fun, with Odysseys surf lessons you will love every minute of it. Odysseys will make sure you get that perfect fun surf lesson you are expecting.

So check out our Price rates and our lesson schedules or perhaps you may be interested in a Bali surfing lesson package deals or Book an Odysseys Surfing Lesson Classes now!

If you have questions or feedback in regards to this site or in regards to our Bali surf lesson activities please send us a quick email