Things to do while in Bali: Climb Mt. Batur

The Mount Batur Sunrise Trek is one of our most popular tours for good reason. Not only do you get to explore an active volcano and get up close and personal with one of Bali’s most sacred mountains, but you also get to experience spectacular views of the sun bursting onto the horizon in a riot of oranges and yellows and slowly spreading over the caldera and lake below.

The hike takes about one to two hours to reach the peak at 1,717 meters above sea level. Once you arrive at the highest point, it really feels as though you are on top of the world, as you can see the amazing Mt. Agung laying next to Mt. Batur.

After you’ve enjoyed your view, it’s time to head back down. Going down is at least as tiring as going up, but it’s worth it. And after your hike you can get the rest you’ve deserved![1]

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