Hidden beach treasures in Bali

Bali has besides the famous beaches as Kuta Beach, Uluwatu and Padang Padang a lot of beautiful beaches that are still a bit hidden. These beaches are true pearls to Bali and you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand without the crowd. Some of these beaches are not only a beauty itself; the road to the beach is an adventure as well! We made a list with 5 of the hidden beach treasures, which you definitely have to visit if you don’t want to surf at Kuta Beach.


  1. Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach is close to the Uluwatu temple, in the south of Bali. To get here, you have to go to Jalan Uluwatu and search for a board with the sign Nyang Nyang beach. Park you car or bike and continue by foot. You will cross a drinks stall, the last one in the area; there are no drink and food stalls at the beach. To get the to the beach, you have to the stairs, which count a small 500 steps. It is a heavy walk, but it is definitely worth it. The beach is really abandoned, so the chance is big that you will have the beach for your self when you arrive. With the white sand and clear ocean this is really a beautiful beach.


  1. Gunung Payung Beach

This is beach is close to the very famous Pandawa beach, also located in the south of Bali. To get here, you drive past Pandawa on Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan, heading east. Go right on the intersection to Jalan Gunung Payung and drive straight until you come to the parking spots. From here it’s a walk to the beach. The way to get there is absolutely stunning. The view you have from the top is breathtaking. Clear blue water, beautiful waves, coral and a beautiful nature make this view picture perfect. Besides just relaxing you can surf or snorkel here. The road to get there takes about 300 steps but once you are there you will see it is al worth it.


  1. Bias Tugul Beach

Next to the port of Padang Bay is a sign that says “White Sand Beach”. This is the place where you have to be to get to Bias Tugul. A rocky patch will take you up and over the hill for a small walk of 500 meters before you entrance this beauty. The sign doesn’t lie, the sand is very white and with the azure blue ocean and reef the secret beach is gorgeous. This beach also offers the possibilities for water sports like surfing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. In contrast to Nyang Nyang beach, here are some food and drink stalls where you can get your beverage and snacks.


  1. Green Bowl

Green Bowl beach is also located in the South of Bali, at the west of Pandawa Beach. To get there is a real adventure! Once you parked your bike of car, it’s a walk with tricky turns down a few tiny roads, through the marvellous nature of Bali. The road contains of course a few steps, just a few hundred, before you can take a dive in the ocean. Not only because of the beauty of the beach Green Bowl is famous, but also because of the bats that are living in the caves at the beach. You can enter the caves to take some pictures at noon. Besides tanning and swimming, Green Bowl is perfect for intermediate surfers!


  1. Melasti Beach

This beauty is near the famous temple Tanah Lot. How famous and crowded Tanah Lot is, especially during the sunset, how peaceful Melasti Beach is. To get here, it’s a 15-minute walk from the Tanah Lot temple. What Melasti beach makes so special is the miniature waterfall that ends at the beach. Stunning pictures during the sunset guaranteed! The sand is not that white as in Nyang Nyang and Bias Tugul, but the view is very good with the big cliffs, waterfall and the different colors in the sky. Don’t mistake the Melasti Beach for the Melasti Beach near Ungasan so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.


If you ever been to one of these beaches or know more beaches in Bali that can be described as a hidden treasure, let us know! We would like to talk with you about the beauty that Bali has to offer!