WSL Krui Pro 2017 – International sur contests


Currently something very exciting is going on in Indonesia: the first Asian event of the World Surf League is taking place! From April 14 to April 19 the Krui Pro 2017 is happening in Sumatra. It’s an event of the qualifying series tour, which means that in this event the contestants battle to qualify themselves for the official WSL tour next year. In the WSL they will be able to run for the world title! If you’d like to know exactly how the WSL and the QS work you can find it in our previous blog here (

64 men and 16 women are currently competing in the Krui Pro 2017, and eventually there will be two winners.  In the men’s part round 2 is being surfed right now, which means that all men competed in round 1 and the 32 heat winners are now competing in round 2. The women’s part is already a bit further in the timeline; currently the semi finals are being surfed. The women’s semi finals consist of two heats: one between Japanese Minori Kawai and Australian Lucy Callister and one between Japanese Amuro Tsuzuki and Australian Ellie Francis.

We are also proud to announce that Odysseys Surf School is supporting 5 time Indonesian and 2 time Asian surf champion Yasnyiar Gea. She competed in the Krui Pro 2017 event, and in her first heat she scored a total of 6.80 points. Unfortunately this was not enough to proceed to the next round, but we are proud of our champion regardless and we wish her all the best for the future events! We hope to see you on the WSL next year Yasnyiar!

Yasnyiar Gea, ready for competition!