Surf competitions for the younger generations in Bali

It can be that your surf legacy starts at Odysseys Surf School in Kuta, Bali. When you had a lesson, the chance is big you want to surf more and more. Addictive, fun and great exercise are good words to describe surfing. We, at Odysseys Surf School, love it to see how or students grow in to the surf vibe. Especially the little kids, how they are full joy and happiness after a lesson. For them, and also the parents of course, it can be very interesting to watch one of the surf competitions that are organised in Bali. To two upcoming events that will be held in the Kuta Area are the Billabong Grommet Attack and the Volcom Stone TCT Flying Fish. Both events are in Seminyak, around 30 minutes away from Odysseys Surf School. These events are organized for boys and girl not older than 20 years.


Billabong Grommet Attack:

This event will have three different legs, the first one in the 29th of May in Seminyak Beach, Seminyak. The event will be for kids from different ages. There will be a Push-in Division (10 year and under), Boys 14 years and under, Girls 16 years and under and Boys 16 years and under. The winner of each event will win a 2.000.000 value Billabong product packet. The overall winner will be crowned as the Champion and will receive the trophy and other prizes. The participants, parents and spectators are also encouraged to take part in a clean the beach session after every leg. This will educate the grommets, parents and spectators the importance of looking after the environment. The second leg will be the 17th of July at Padma beach; the third leg will be the 28th of August at Halfway Beach, Kuta. The Asian Surfing Championships (ASC) sanctions this event.


Volcom Stone TCT Flying Fish:

This weekend (Sunday 22th of May) at Berawa Beach, the battle for the Volcom Stone TCT Flying Fish will start. The event is a one-day event so the participants have to give everything they have to qualify for the finals of the indo championships. This event has also different divisions. The divions are: Pro-AM (20 years and under), Juniors (16 years and under), Groms (13 years and under) and Girls (20 years and under). The best 6 in the Men Division and the best 6 in the Girl Division will qualify for the TCT Final Indo Championship. A fun fact, our lifeguard Mank Alit will compete in the competition in the division Pro-AM 20 years and under. If you have time, don’t hesitate and help our lifeguard reach the finals with your support!


Watching one of these events can have a serious boost in taking up surfing. It is really cool to see the young kids riding the wave like they never did anything else. It will give you the feeling “ I want to do that too!’. We are ready to help you taking the first steps becoming a surf legend and teach you everything what you need to know about surfing. If that’s not you ambition, we are there always to show you the fun of surfing!


If you ever entered a surf competition or watched one, we are curious about your experience! Don’t forget to leave a comment.