Prevent surfer’s ear with Surfears® when you are surfing in Bali

Surfer’s ear is a common problem for people who surf a lot, especially in colder or polluted waters. Another word for surfer’s ear is exotosis, which is Greek for ‘new bone’. New bone is exactly the problem with surfer’s ear: it is believed that as a result of frequent exposure to (cold) seawater the bones inside the ear canals start to grow, making the ear canals narrower. Now this in itself is not necessarily a problem, but because the ear canals grow narrower bacteria and other polluting particles are more likely to stick, causing infections. When you notice that each time you get out of the ocean you have the feeling that there is still water in your ears, and it takes a long time to dry, your ear canals might have gotten narrower because of exotosis. Because it takes longer for your ears to dry bacteria and polluting particles stay in your ear canals longer, increasing the risk of infection of the ear. Ear infections are very painful, and if left untreated they can be dangerous as well.

The solution to surfer’s ear is to have the excess bone removed so the infection can be drained out. However, this is a very painful process and it sure will keep you out of the water for quite some time. It is better to prevent surfer’s ear by wearing earplugs, such as Surfears®! These earplugs are especially designed to help prevent surfer’s ear, but they also keep you protected from a regular ear infection caused by polluting particles in the seawater. The earplugs do not affect your hearing or balance, so you will be able to fully enjoy your surfing experience without having to worry about ear infection! The earplugs are cleverly designed with multiple interchangeable parts, so they always will be the perfect fit for your ear and no water will be able to enter.

And the best news? For convenient access the Surfears® are for sale in our surfschool! It is now easy and hassle free to protect your ears. Just ask for the Surfears® at our reception desk, and we will make sure to set you up with a pair and help you to make them the perfect fit for you!