Surfing for the Environment

As surfers who utilize nature’s gift of waves for relaxation, enjoyment, and sport, we have to ensure that the ocean is protected from the unwanted wastes of mankind. Some people feel like they can dispose of trash or things they don’t need into the ocean because they don’t live there. The ocean is home to an abundance of marine life, and it provides humans with many necessary resources for survival. It is a sanctuary for surfers and anyone who appreciates all that it offers for this earth. As surfers, we are a community of ocean-protecting enthusiasts, and there are several lifestyle changes we can make to help preserve our oceans and set an example for others to do the same.
Places around the world have already begun taking action on creating an environmental lifestyle. Plastic is one of the main contributors to ocean pollution, and daily use of certain plastics can easily be avoided. Plastic straws have been banned in many areas around the world and are replaced with paper straws that are environmentally friendly because they are made from raw materials. We understand that paper straws can sometimes be difficult to use, which is why purchasing a reusable straw would be a great investment. We can also use reusable water bottles rather than continually buying and throwing away plastic water bottles. These are simple changes we can make in our everyday lives to take a small step towards keeping trash out of our oceans.
Besides limiting our plastic usage, we can also support the process of recycling and reusing materials rather than disposing of the waste into the ocean. Many companies have started projects where they upcycle certain materials and use them to make excellent products they can sell to their customers. One example is a company called Vissla, created board shorts made from upcycled coconut and recycled plastic. Rather than considering these materials like trash and tossing them into the ocean, Vissla saw an opportunity to prevent unwanted wastes from entering the ocean actively. You can buy these board shorts from or inside of Odysseys Surf School located in Kuta Bali. Purchasing garments made from upcycled or used materials means you are helping support the active movement towards clean oceans.
We can all make a difference by actively engaging in environmentally friendly lifestyles no matter how we choose to pursue it. Whether that be something as small as limiting your daily plastic use, to picking up trash on the streets, we can all make little sacrifices that contribute to making a big difference.