Surfing and Yoga

Surfing and yoga are two activities that are often tied together. Although they require different equipment, environments, and actions, they have similar impacts on the mind and body. For many people, these activities are used as a physical and mental escape from reality. Whether that be paddling out into the lineup after work, or stepping onto your mat in a quiet room, these two activities offer many benefits for those who actively participate.
Any type of exercise is great for the body to feel better and perform certain human functions more effectively. Yoga is a fantastic activity for building strength, balance, and flexibility. The stretching that goes on during yoga gives muscles the ability to perform better under intense activity and allows greater room for fitness improvement. Strength and balance are built while extreme postures are held for certain periods of time. Similar to yoga, performing well in surfing requires great strength and flexibility. Arm strength is very important for paddling, catching waves, and duck diving, while leg strength helps the body perform a variety of maneuvers on the board. Core strength helps in surfing for balancing on the board while on a wave, and flexibility helps create a greater range of motion. Although yoga has physically slower actions than surfing, the physical benefits gained from performing both activities complement each other greatly.
The mental outcomes gained from surfing and yoga are quite similar. Both activities require a serious amount of focus and a clear mind. It is important to not get distracted during surfing or yoga because this can impact the quality of performance. However, many people use surfing and yoga as a way to clear their mind because it is easier to remain in the present moment while experiencing the intensity of both activities. The results of surfing and yoga usually leave the person feeling calm, relieved, and less stressed.
The island of Bali in Indonesia is a hot spot for surfers and yogis all over the world. The island contains some of the world’s best waves for surfers and warm water. It is also known as a spot for people to find inner peace or to meditate. Yoga is an activity that combines these two things with strength, flexibility, and balance. A popular surf spot in Bali is called Kuta Beach, and you can come here and take a surf lesson with Odyssey Surf School. After you surf Kuta, you can head to any yoga studio nearby, or in Seminyak which is not too far away. Surfing in Bali and doing yoga the same day is a great way to feel a sense of peace and clear your mind while getting two amazing workouts in.