Surf conditions when it rains in Bali

Bali is located very near to equator and makes it a warm tropical climate with an average year-round temperature at about 26-27 °C. The temperatures in Bali are steady all year around and with a humidity level at about 85-90%, making it a favorite tourist destination for any visitors from all over the world.

Generally speaking, Indonesia distinctive between two season; dry season and rain season.
Dry season is between April and September. Those months are also known as high season as Bali receives the most visitors during those months.
The rain season in Bali typically starts from October to March. These months are also known as low season, except for the peak season around Christmas and New Year.

The water temperatures are always pleasant in Bali with average temperature at 26-30 °C and it therefore makes it the perfect getaway for surfers all year around.

The surf condition does chance a bit during the two seasons. Below you can see the different condition for surfing during dry season and rain season.


The best time to go surfing on the west coast in Bali is between April and October where it is dry season. You do not only have the sun shining on you but during that time off-shore wind will occur and making it the perfect condition for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers.

On the east coast of Bali, the best time to surf is between middle November and early March, as the reef breaks are better for more experienced surfers.

At Kuta beach where Odysseys Surf School is located, the best time to surf is from March to November in the dry season, as they are located on the west coast.
All though if you are a beginner and wants to learn to surf it does not make any different if you surf during dry or rain season as you will be surfing on the white foam/swell from the waves and you can find them all year round.

During the rain season the weather makes the condition for surfing a little bit unpredictable and the waves becomes bigger. The rain is not a problem for surfing, as you will be in the water for most of your surf lesson and will not be bothered by the rain.
The positive side about surfing in rain season is that the beaches are less crowded than dry season. This both regards on land but also in the water where it is most popular to learn how to surf from June until September.

Only if the condition becomes unsafe during a surf lessons at Odysseys Surf School the surf instructors may modify the lesson and undertake activities on the beach rather than in the water. The lesson may be rescheduled or may need to be postponed due to bad weather.
If the lesson needs to be postponed or rescheduled, Odysseys Surf School will in these circumstances offer you alternative dates, no refund will be available.
If you are unable or unwilling to accept these new dates then we will provide a surf vouchers under the same booking conditions that has been postponed, to be used anytime within 1 year, started from the date of the booking

Contact Odysseys Surf School Bali for more important information on when to surf in Bali and the surf condition. Odysseys Surf School will be pleased to provide you with information on where to surf in Bali regarding the season and weather.