Odysseys Surf School 13th anniversary party

Yes! We did it again. We worked really hard as a team to make the 13th year of Odysseys Surf School a successful year again and we succeed. We can be very proud about that and of course, that needs to be celebrated. That is exactly what happened last weekend in Café La Passion in Balangan. Together with our staff, families, friends and sponsors we celebrated the 13th Anniversary and it was a stunner again! The party started at 4pm and around 10pm the party came to an end.


We started at 4pm with a welcoming speech and greetings by our MC Lentera. After the opening the party officially started and DJ Vero started to play her funky tunes to get the party started. The Buffet opened, which was provided by Ricky; Café La Passion’s super chef. Kebab, Quesadillas, Chicken Wings and Breast, Potato wedges, BBQ Skewers Salad and Fresh Fruit was on the menu and it was delightful as always.


At 6PM it was time for some live music, provided by the staff of Odysseys. Jimmy, Rico, Nanang, Vero and Mansu practiced a lot the weeks before and that ensured that they played really good. With international and national songs, they made the party swing and sing with them, the atmosphere was getting better and better.


At 6.30 it was time to for the first Lucky Draw. All the names of the staff where in a box and in another box there were the names of prices to win. The first round 10 names and prices were pulled out of the box and some big prices were awarded immediately like 6 months no costs, refrigerators and washing machines!


After a small break in the busy schedule we looked at the Anniversary movie from last year, which made the crowd laugh and laugh again about the crazy actions of the staff. It was a really good video, which gave a good insight in how it is to work for Odysseys Surf School. It is about fun and joy and the team is like a family.


Our models Agung, Venus, Boy, Vero, Deedee and Chacha played the catwalk game that was great entertainment. Unfortunately for the guys, the girls did it a bit better and with there flair and sexiness they became number 1 2 and 3. Deedee was number one, Chacha second and Vero became number 3.


At 7.30 it was time for the second round of the Lucky Draw. 10 names and prices were drawn again and big prices like Air-conditioning and televisions were given to the lucky ones.


After the second lucky draw there was time for another small break, followed by a gift to our intern Michiel. He received an awesome book with pictures and personal texts from all of the Odysseys Staff. He gave a little speech and announced the movie for the 13th Anniversary. The video for this year was special because it showed what the staff is doing during their day off. For Michiel this was a nice task as well because he had the chance to see the staff at their homes or at the their favorite spot hangout or shop. After the movie the Best Work Performance of the Year Awards handed to Venus, Made, Johan and Vero. They received the price because of their positive influence, initiative, hard work and friendliness. As always, hard work pays off.


An Anniversary party is nothing without Anniversary cake so around 8.15 Ricky handed the cake to Michael while the band was singing Happy Birthday. Michael had the honor to cut the beautiful cake and to cheers on the wonderful evening.


The Dance game took place around 8.30 and that was a blast. We had two teams battling each other, Vero and Deedee versus Amik and Chacha. The girls gave everything they got in 3 rounds to impress the audience and judge. It was a close call but finally Amik and Chacha won the dance battle.


During the third lucky draw the last 10 names and prices where picked and lucky girl Jinhee won the stove so she can cook Korean for the whole staff. At the end of the draw all prices were given away to the staff and everyone was really happy with their price.


The Anniversary party almost came to an end but before the last hour came, Michael gave a great speech to thank everyone to make this possible and motivated the staff to keep up doing this great work. After his speech there was one hour left and the DJ made everyone enter the dance floor. Everyone danced, was happy, smiling, the 13th Anniversary has been a big success again.


We want to thank everyone who joined the Anniversary with us, you made the evening unforgettable! This year we will work harder to make it even better! If you have any questions or you want to say something about the party, feel free to leave a comment or come visit us at the Office in Kuta Beach. We are always there to help you or just for a chat. We are looking forward to the upcoming year and we want you to be a part of it. See you in Kuta!