Meet our staff

So many cooperative and passionate people are working in Odysseys. It’s really pity we cannot introduce our all staffs here, but there may be some of familiar faces below you may saw before.



Micheal, is the owner of Odysseys Surf School which where established in 2003. He decided to open the surf school, as surfing is the majority sport to do in Bali. Since Bali is surrounded by sea it made sense to open the shop in Kuta beach where there is a lot of tourist and many of them comes for the joy of surfing.

Except for working he likes to travel. Whatever if it another city or area in Indonesia or if its another country he finds pleasure in experience other part of the world.

His dream for Odysseys Surf School is to expand to other parts of the world, so people all over the globe can find joy and pleasure in surfing.



Lentera, Manager in Odysseys, leads and handles everything regarding marketing, operations and staffs. She has been working at the company for 6 years since she started working at Odysseys from 2009. The reason why she likes to work in Odysseys is because the company opens up to learning and trying new things, which she appreciates.

She started to surf 2 years ago because she was always wondering why the guests were so happy after the surfing lesson, so now she is surfing herself. When not surfing, she enjoys reading books and is preparing to open her own blog about books.



Nyoman is an accountant and one of the senior members in Odysseys. He has been working in Odysseys for 10 years because he likes the people who he is working with. He thinks is a great team to work with and there is a positive atmosphere in the company.

When he is not working, he usually spends time with his family. He wants to try to surf but he hasn’t started it yet since he is afraid of the big waves, “Maybe, I will try it tomorrow” He said.



Dicky has been working at Odysseys for 8 years and is in charged of both the head of operation team and Photographer who is responsible for taking awesome pictures of the students during the surf lesson in case they want to bring home memories of their fun time while surfing.

He likes working at Odysseys because it feels like a holiday everyday and he likes the people he is working with. They are like a family for him. When he is not capturing the students’ special moments in the water, he likes spending his time on fishing.



Jinhee joined Odysseys from May 2015. She is in charge of Sales and marketing with specialization in Korean market.

Before she started to work in Odysseys, she worked in an advertising agency in Korea for 3 and half years, but left her job and decided to move to Bali since she just crushed on surfing and Bali. She enjoys working in Odysseys because of both the colleagues and the atmosphere in the company. With her interest in photography, she usually goes to different places in Bali to take pictures when she has a day off.



Made is head of the instructors. He started to surf when he was 12 years old, and has been working at Odysseys for 7 years. His passion for surfing and working with people from other countries and cultures is the reason why he became a surf instructor. The best moments he has while he is teaching students to surf, is watching them stand up for the first time and watch how happy they become.

Except from surfing he also likes fishing, hangout with friends and being creative with drawing pictures.



Sujana is also head of instructors who has already been working in Odysseys for 8 years. He is born in Indonesia and started to surf when he was 16 years old.

Nothing brings him more joy than to see the students stand up and succeed in their first lesson. Besides his love for surfing and teaching he likes to play football and take photograph when he is off from work.