Kids learn to surf with Santa

orphan-cristmast2 orphan-christmast-surf1


The end of the year is near and Christmas is just around the corner, just as our annual CSR event: Surfing with Santa Claus. During this event we will invite an orphanage to our surf school for a day full of fun activities.


The event will take place on 19th of December 2016 at Odysseys Surf School. The program we have created will be as follows:


We will start the day with a short lesson about safety in and around the water, the lesson will be provided by a lifeguard officer. After the safety class we will commence a beach clean up, during the clean up the children will learn the vital importance of a clean environment.


After these educational activities, it is time to have some fun. We will let the children paint two surfboards provided by Odysseys Surf School. These pieces of art will be displayed in our office until new year 2016.


When the children are done being creative with our boards, it’s time for the main event: surfing with Santa Claus! Our instructors will dress-up as Santa and they will take the kids out to go surfing. Our experience from the previous years tells us the kids will have a blast during this activity, this also promises for some amazing pictures. Another great experiences for the children is they will not only learning from Odysseys’s professional instructors but also from Billabong Pro Surfer – Yasnyiar Bonne Gea and young pro surfer from Odysseys surf school – Faisal and Abe.


After the surfing session the children will go for lunch at Hard Rock Café. What a day!


Our staff can’t wait for this upcoming event as we love to provide these unfortunate children with a special Christmas experience.