How is the surf lesson schedule arranged?

We often at Odysseys Surf School experience that our customer asks if its possible to take a surf lesson outside of our surf schedule and even though we are trying to be flexible and suit our customers need and wishes we cannot change the surf schedule. There is one good reason. We simple wants to provide the best service for our costumers and want to make sure they get the most out of their surfing.


Our schedule is carefully planned and arranged after the weather condition, so our customer gets the best time during the day for surfing. We daily, weekly and monthly check the surf condition and change the surf schedule and time, if the tide condition is found shifting. We follow these precautions as they give our costumers the safest and greatest fun in the water.


We starts all our surf lesson around mid-tide, as this can be seen as the best condition for the lesson.

The reason we don’t want our customers to surf during low or high tide is simple because we want to avoid the water condition which is either too shallow or too deep. So that our customers would not get hit the bottom or struggle with the deep water if they fall down from the board. Safety is another aspect we take into account when we plan our surf schedule, as safety is the most important priority we do for our costumers.


We at Odysseys Surf School aims at giving our costumers the greatest and most fun, of the world of surfing, and therefore we cannot change the surf schedule.