Healthy food for surfers

Surfing is considered to be an extreme sport because of its intensity and high risk of failure. This means people practicing surfing burn tremendous amounts of energy. This energy needs to be refilled after surfing, of course, which means they have to have a healthy meal afterward to keep in shape.

In Bali, for example, the surfing culture is rooted in the culture of the island. On every side of the island, you can find surfing spots for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. This means Bali is the surfing Mekka of Asia.
Bali surf lessons could be taken in Kuta, located inside the Mercure hotel on the Kuta strip you can find Odysseys Surf School. The waves in Kuta are perfect for beginner surfers to learn how to surf a wave for the first time.

There is always a changing current in Kuta, which means the surfing schedule is varying. You can find an accurate surfing schedule on the website or at the reservation desk. Bali is also known for its healthy foods. In addition to delicious traditional food like nasi campur (nasi with mixed vegetables and chicken), you also have plenty of eateries near Kuta where you can get delicious fresh smoothie bowls. The possibilities of mixing fruits are endless.
Take an example of the fresh dragonfruit as a base and add mango and coconut snippers, very refreshing when getting out of the water!

When taking surfing lessons in Kuta you can walk to the eateries by yourself, It’s that nearby. Ask our reservation desk for more information about some information about where to get the fresh healthiest foods!