Bali surfing conditions during the wet season

The beautiful island of Bali is located near the equator, this means we have a tropical climate. All year round you can expect warm temperatures, but there is also something else you can expect every year: the wet season.


Bali knows two seasons, the wet season and the dry season. The wet season starts around October and ends around April. During the wet season you can expect a lot of rain and humidity. The main question many have during this time of year is: “is Bali still a surfing paradise during the wet season?” We can answer that real quick for you, yes it still is!


There are some things you need to know about the conditions during the wet season, in this article we will explain a little about the conditions during this season and we will answer the most frequently asked questions.


As we know, during the wet season there is a lot of rain. The rain itself isn’t that bad while you surf, because you get wet nonetheless. The problem however is the trash that washes a shore. During the heavy rainfall a lot of trash that is laying around, gets picked up by the expanding rivers. The rivers end in the ocean, so all the trash ends up in the ocean.


Due to the swell, ocean currents and the strong winds, all off the trash gets washed to the shores of Kuta Beach. This can be highly annoying and inconvenient for those who want to relax on the beach or catch a few waves.


To clean the beaches of Kuta and Seminyak, the government mobilized local residents to clean up the beaches everyday. Unfortunately, there is still the possibility you will find some trash laying around on the beach, or floating about in the ocean.


Even though the water quality isn’t as high as in the dry season, the water season is still a perfect time for you to learn how to surf. You don’t get bothered that much by the rain because you’re already in the water and the trash is just a mild inconvenience that doesn’t interfere with your surfing. All in all, learning how to surf during the wet season is just as much fun as learning how to surf in the dry season!


We have summed up some of the most frequently asked questions about the wet season below:


  • Can you surf while it rains?
    Yes, you can! During your surfing lesson you won’t get bothered that much by the rain because you are already in the water. Furthermore, the waves will still be rolling on to shore when it rains, so there is plenty of surfing to do. A little side note: just because it is raining season, doesn’t mean it will rain everyday. There are plenty of days when it doesn’t rain at all.



  • Is it dangerous to surf during the wet season?
    No, it is not dangerous to surf during the wet season. Occasionally you will find some trash floating about in the ocean during your lesson, but your instructor will make sure your lessons will be in a part of the water where there isn’t that much trash.


  • Is there any difference between the wet season and the dry season?
    The only real difference is the lack of sunshine and the trash that floats in the ocean during the wet season. Furthermore, there isn’t that much difference between the wet and the dry season.


  • Will the trash affect my surfing lesson?
    No, the trash will not affect your surfing lesson. The trash on the beach and in to ocean is only mildly inconvenient, and it will not affect your lesson in any way.


We hope we have informed you enough about the conditions during the wet season. If you still have any questions relating to the wet season, please feel free to place a comment!


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