Book a lesson get a 200K discount on Oakley eyewear!

You probably have heard before about the saying ‘Shoes make the man’. But did you know that a good pair of sunglasses also can make your outfit shine? Beyond that, it is very important to have a good pair of (sun)glasses that protect your eyes from the sun. Oakley is a very good and well-known brand that develops and manufactures sports equipment and lifestyle pieces, think about watches, backpacks, shoes, ski, and snowboard goggles, and sunglasses. So what makes the sunglasses of Oakleys better than other sunglasses? Oakley distinguishes itself from others by using materials that are from high quality, and they use lenses that protect you from UV radiation. Even the smallest parts of the frame of the glasses are designed very precisely, and they ensure that the wearer, whatever sport he may practice, has a clear and sharp image.
When you spend hours outside, you may get headaches, fatigue, and eye strain easily because your brain tries to filter everything you see into seeing only the important images for your brain. But this process is hard when your brain has to do it all by himself. The lenses of Oakley are developed in a way that helps you see more clearly and getting rid of all the discomfort. When the light patterns pass through the lenses, it is corrected in a way that your eyes and brain don’t need to compensate it by themselves.
UV protection is another thing where we should be really aware of. UV radiation is an external factor that can damage your eyes. Be aware that not all glasses offer the same quality that can filter out the UV radiation as Oakley, even when they say they do.
Oakley focused extra on the protection from external objects. They did several tests with their glasses to make sure they reached the target of the international standards for industrial protective eyewear. This means that you can wear sunglasses without being scared of breaking them while doing activities.
So, what do you think? Already enthusiastic about these glasses? Good news: if you book a surfing lesson/class at Odysseys Surf School, from 1st – 30th March 2020, you can get a 200K discount on a (full price) pair of Oakley glasses! You just need to show your lesson’s receipt at Ovault Legian, Ovault Nusa Dua, Ostore Kuta Square, or Ostore Beachwalk. The receipt needs to be redeemed within one week of taking the lesson/class.
So if you want to surf and at the same get new glasses with a discount from a high-quality brand, hurry to Odysseys Surf School!