2 weeks to go! Java trip by Odysseys Surf School

We have only two weeks left until our surf trip to Java! During this trip we will donate surfboards, clothes and other useful second hand supplies which we have received trough the “A board for a smile” charity, to those who need it the most. During this trip Odysseys Surf School will collaborate with “The Bali Drop Box Charity Project” to collect and donate even more clothes and other useful goods.


Once again, Odysseys Surf School asks for your help to share this event and spread the word that donations are still more than welcome! We will gladly receive any spare surfboards, clothes or any other second hand supplies that are still useful. Odysseys Surf School will make sure all of the donated goods will end up with the people and communities that need these goods the most.


If you know any communities, organisations or contact persons in Java, that want Odysseys Surf School and “The Bali Drop Box Charity Project” to visit, please feel free to contact us! We would be more than happy to visit them during our trip!


If you haven’t seen our previous posts about our Java trip, feel free to check them out on our blog page!


Stay tuned for more information and updates about Odysseys Surf Schools trip to Java!