Welcome to our new website!

We are proud to announce

The release of our new redesigned website

 Odysseys Surf School

It has been crafted to reflect what our customers told us they need now but also builds upon technology capable of addressing future needs.

The site also was redesigned with user-friendly navigation, cool social sharing features, and has been updated with the latest information about our products!
Immediately you will notice streamlined menus, simple navigation and access to the information you need, any time of day.
You’ll find everything you’re looking for in a few easy clicks.

Check out this cool video – how to made a reservation in very easy steps.
Take a look around and have FUN!

Three things you’ll love about the new website right now:
1. Homepage: daily video, booking tools, upcoming events, cool social sharing features.
2. Search: Powerful yet simple search future, facilitating faster location of multiple sources and locations of information on our site about a specific subjects or keyword.
3. Blog: Where all the event, promotions will be posted here.

Check back often and connect with us on Facebook & twitter to receive notice when updates and new content are added.

Thank you, to wonderworxs who’ve helped us to redesign this website.
If you would take a brief moment to share your thoughts using the website feedback form, we’d appreciate hearing how the experience is for you and how we can continue to improve it.

Lentera Lenjaya
General Manager
Odysseys surf school