Surfing with Orphan Kids from Yayasan Tatwan Asi Bali

Together with children from the orphanage foundation Tatwan Asi bali, Odysseys Surf School wanted to share the experience how much Fun of Surfing.

First, this activity starts with cleaning the beach of Kuta. And not long after that, surfing lesson begins with the provision of basic theories about the surf from a professional trainer Odysseys Surf School. The theories with an easily understood by the children, because the instruction supported by body language to explain it, the result, children from the orphanage directly can understand and easy to practice by standing on a board and surf.

Not felt, the time passed so quickly ..

this activity closed with the event giving a gift of several from some sponsors and delivery of memories recalled to the leadership of the foundation Tatwan Asi bali …

you know what they says about surfing … ? they said: “surfing is fun …!!!!”