Oakley Prosurf Competition

Oakley Thump Pro Surfing Competition 2007 at Bingin Beach

prosurf_03tn14 July 2007, Bingin Beach-Bali: 21 year old Wayan “Prayit” Suprayitna of Kuta put his aggressive backside attack to the test at the sucking dry reef break of Bingin Beach on the Bukit Peninsula today and came back to the beach in one piece to climb to the top spot of the podium in the third annual Oakley Thump Pro.

In a nail-biting final that was the culmination of two days of frequently small and inconsistent surf at the 6-star ISC (Indonesian Surfing Championship) event, Suprayitna was up against none other than Rizal Tanjung in the final. Rizal is more than 10 years his senior and last years ISC Pro Champion, in addition to having won the inaugural Thump Pro in 2005 and being the runner up in 2006.

During the next 25 minutes the two surfers jockeyed for position and traded waves and the lead several times, much to the delight of the crowd on the beach. After the event, when asked about the conditions, Rizal said, “I’m sure glad I know this spot really well. I got a few scrapes on the reef in the semifinal, but it didn’t bother me in the final. But you could get hurt out there, it’s so shallow and really intense.” During the last heat of Friday’s session, Ribut Wahyudi got dragged across the reef and couldn’t complete his heat, having to head back in to get some medical attention.

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With only two minutes left, after a 10 minute flat spell, Prayit got a deep barrel that scored a 9.17, one of the highest scoring waves of the contest, putting him solidly back in the lead and leaving Rizal needing a 10.8 to take the lead back (two high scoring waves). Expectations were high that true to his usual form, Rizal would somehow pull into a couple of perfect barrels and take the victory, but the rabbit stayed in the hat and then the horn blew, signaling the end and ecstatic Prayit made his way across the reef and to the beach with a huge grin. On the podium, he could barely find any words, saying only “This is such a great win for me, at this place and against Rizal, who is such a great surfer. Thanks to Oakley for having this event and my friends for supporting me.

For his first place win, Suprayitna takes home Rp. 10 million in cash as well as other prizes from Oakley in addition to valuable ISC Championship points. This win puts him in the second place spot behind Lee Wilson. Coming in equal third were Komang “Gogo” Sujaya and Made “Garut” Widiarta, who are now ranked 9 and number 7 respectively.

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In the Masters Division competition on Saturday, Wayan Gantiyasa took first his 5-man heat and then went to win in a man-on-man final against Made Artha. This raises him to the number 2 spot in the rankings and Made Artha to number 4.

Bondan Prakoso and Fade 2 Black took to the stage just before sunset . The stage was set up on the beach with a huge sound system to rock the cliffs at Bingin . One of the highlights of the show was when Rio from Saharadja Came on to do a special appearance jamming with Bondan and the boys . Absolutely Insane they brought the house as they usually do , Especially their take on an old James Brown song .

The after surf party was also something to remember, with the sound system and James Hendrix on the turn tables , blasting the tunes out across the water and the smell of meat grilling on the BBQ, the FHM girls dazzling all with their beauty, the free flow of beer and other drinks, and then the dancing…long into the night.

ISC Pro Results:
1. Wayan Suprayitna (Rp. 10,000,000)
2. Rizal Tanjung (Rp. 5,000,000)
3. Komang Sujaya (Rp. 2,300,000)
3. Made Widiarta (Rp. 2,300,000)

ISC Masters Results:
1. Wayan Gantiyasa
2. Made Artha
3. Wayan Pica
4. Wayan Widiartha

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CONGRATULATIONS to All the winners !

Our Thanks not only goes out to Bingin locals but also to all sponsors who supported this event: ISC, Extreme Toys, Harris Hotel Kuta (Official Hotel Partner), Optic Seis ,Air Asia (Air Carrier), San Mig Light, Fiesta , Hard Rock Café Bali, Hard Rock Radio, Greensands, Odysseys Surfing School,(( Gwag )), Prim-A, Metro TV, TVG, O Channel, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Garuda Inflight Magazine, Female , Rolling Stone, Trax , FHM, Surftime, Hello Bali, The Beat, Area , Tempo ,Juice , Magic Wave, Esquire and GUS.