Halloween goes surfing


Odysseys Surf School presents Halloween goes surfing


Kuta, Bali – Odysseys Surf School has held Halloween goes surfing event, taking place in Kuta beach-Bali on 31st October 2015 and featuring the surfer with Halloween custom in the water.

Odysseys Surf School is proud to bring the Halloween goes surfing event in Bali for the first time in this year.
Everyone are invited. There are some treats and definitely some tricks in the office.

All of the customers will have an opportunity to learn surfing with the Halloween environment in Odysseys Surf School; the Office, the reservation’s staff, the lifeguard, and the surf instructor while they’re taking a surf lesson.

There is lots more fun surf session for everyone.

We guarantee that all of our customers will be able to stand up on the board for the first time, but on this day we will guarantee everyone will have a good surf session and a definitely unique Halloween experience in the water.

For more info about this event, please contact:
Ms. Lentera Lenjaya

Email: lentera(at)odysseysurfschool(dot)com
Phone: +6281 936 268 682


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