A surfboard from Made Konco


Thank you Made Konco!

Surfing not only make us happier, but also a better person.

One of our best instructors; Made Konco, proudly supports the project by donating one of his favourite surfboards. He wish is for kids, especially those in Indonesia, to continue to surf with the proper equipment and achieve their best potential.

Thank you Made Konco, the community needs more people like you.

You made a difference!

Odysseys Surf School will fix the board, put fins on it, and deliver to the child who needs it most, anywhere in Indonesia.

For more information about this project or to anyone who is willing to donate your old surfboard to those in need, please feel free to contact:

Odysseys Surf School –  Ms. Lentera Lenjaya ( Manager )

Stay tuned! Will keep you updated about the project 🙂