Project: A board for a smile

A Board for A Smile


To provide an opportunity for children in Indonesia to learn and/or keep surfing so they can achieve their full potential.


Description of the project:

 We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to surf.

All around Indonesia, the passion for surf goes beyond imagination, especially for little kids that have done it since a young age. However, due to the lack of means to have a proper surfboard, you still see young children surfing with broken and damaged boards. Not only this can be dangerous, but also it will never allow them to exploit their skills to the maximum.

The main purpose of this project is to support and provide an opportunity for children in Indonesia: being able to pursue their passion for surfing in the best conditions possible by providing them with proper surfboards.

Odysseys Surf School will take its time to determine where help is most needed. Through extensive research, surveys and direct contact with local families, children and surfing communities, Odysseys will try to find out where the surfboards is the most needed and valued.

After defining our target, Odysseys Surf School will then initiate a Surfboard collection campaign where the goal is to collect the biggest number of used/second-handed surfboards. Anyone that has a used surfboard (in good or bad condition) that she/he doesn’t really use as much and thinks that it would serve someone else can DONATE it to Odysseys’ project. Any type of surfboard would be well received by others in need.

After collecting the surfboards, Odysseys Surf School will take the charges of repairing and fixing all the surfboards in order to make sure that the children can surf in the safest environment possible.

After being repaired, the surfboards will be delivered to those in need according to their type and size preferences.

After distribution, Odysseys Surf School will report and share all of its achievements with the surfing community, hoping to motivate others to keep allowing young surfers around Indonesia to pursue their dreams of surfing.

 The goal of this project would not only be to provide those in need with a surfboard. But also educate them about surfing and safety in the water.

 How it works:

 Step 1: Odysseys Surf School will firstly do some extensive research using surveys and directly contacting local surfing communities, families and young children all around Indonesia to determine what their needs are and who could use our help the most. Our findings will be shared with everyone to increase the awareness of the surfing conditions some people have.

Step 2: Then, Odysseys will start a campaign to collect surfboards of any sizes and conditions from anyone who would be willing to donate their old surfboard to those in need – especially children all around Indonesia, so they can learn how to surf, or continue surfing with better surfboards, allowing greater improvement.

Odysseys Surf School would be willing to collect the surfboards in case its owner could not deliver it to us.

Step 3: After collecting the boards, Odysseys will be responsible for any surfboards that need to be repaired and any payments regarding this.

Step 4: Once the boards are ready to be used, Odysseys would deliver them to those who need it the most, their future owners, according to their needs and “wants”.

Step 5: The results of this project will then be shared with everyone to motivate and inspire others by following our good example.