Affiliate program

Become an affiliate with Odysseys Surf School

Get a commission for every online booking through your website.

Odysseys Surf School offers a revenue-sharing affiliate program.

How affiliate works?

If you’re accepted as an affiliate, Odysseys Surf School will provide you with an affiliate ID as well as the links & banner advertising on your own site.

When you generate the code to place on your website,it will contain your unique affiliate ID. Any customers who click a link to Odysseys Surf School that contains your ID is tracked by Odysseys Surf School via cookies.

If the customers made a booking, you then earn commission yourself.

Odysseys Surf School also provides you with all the statistics and information you need to determine how many customers you are sending.

Here are the steps how it works:
  1. Fill up the affiliate sign-up online form here
  2. Once you finish to fill up the affiliate sign-up form, we will send you the affiliate agreement. Read and sign the affiliate agreement, and send it back for the approval.
  3. Odysseys Surf school will provide the advertising materials (link and banner) for your site.
  4. Email us as a notification once you already set up the affiliate advertising on your site.

Watch the video – how Odysseys surf school affiliate program works:

14 Steps to activate the affiliate with Odysseys Surf School