Why Surfing In Bali

For all water sport’s fanatics, Surfing in Bali is one of the most dreamed holiday’s activities. Bali is a gateway to the most incredible surfing experiences. Being famed as surfer’s paradise, Bali also offers many great surf spots as well as awesome waves to be conquered. For those who desire to master surfing through professional Bali surf lessons , Bali is definitely the best starting point and Odysseys surf school can help make that happen for you.

Why Bali ? Why do the people strongly recommend Bali as one of the best surfing spot? For sure, Bali is blessed with great weather and warm water temperature, becoming an invitation for anyone wanting to learn to surf . Bali has over than 20 excellent breaks on the southwest, southeast, and also on Bukit Uluwatu. Especially for novice surfers who need to learn Bali surf lesson , Bali is certainly the place to be.

To those who love surfing while exploring the entire Indonesia , Bali has been frequently chosen as the first as well as the last stop point. They choose to stay longer in Bali rather than any surfing sites throughout the country. What makes Bali different than other surfing spots is because Bali has a lot of beach-breaks which are much safer for those just starting to learn to surf and also can minimize the novice surfers to get injured. In addition to that, Bali still boasts a number of less crowded beaches to surf , especially to those who don’t really like surfing in crowd.

The tropical Bali Island is blessed with a long hot dry season therefore whenever you go surfing or just start to learn to surf , you must not forget to be full equipped for the surf, to wear a t-shirt and sunscreen. For other equipments, all the surfers will be pampered with a wide selection of surf shops around the place, where you can find the complete equipments before learning to surf or you could book a lesson with us and we will provide the neccessary equipment that you may need for the Bali surf lessons. Make sure you prepare all that you need to go surfing , such as surfboard, clothing, first aid kit, and so on. It would be better if you also take a complete map of Bali Island wherever you go surfing .

Surfing in Bali has been one of the most popular Bali activities that can be done at all times. In the beginning, surfing was introduced by Australian surfers at the end of 1960’s. At that time, they introduced the people in Bali with the first professional surfing equipment as well as gave the local people a serious Bali surf lesson . Thanks to them, making Bali is even more popular throughout the world.

Now, everyone takes surfing as well as Bali surf lessons as must-do things during their vacations in Bali . Your entire visit to Bali will not be complete without conquering the waves through surfing . Sometimes, if you feel enough with all these challenging Bali activities & Kuta activities, you can go to some cozy place in front of the beach, enjoying the incredible meals while pampering the eyes with spectacular Bali ‘s sunset. You can have all these unforgettable moments only in Bali .

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