What To Bring Surfing

Beside the surfboard as the main surfing equipment, there are some another equipments that you should bring along wherever you go surfing or having a Bali surf lesson . Reef Booties is important to be used while you surf . The reason is because the surf spots in Bali mostly have the break onto reef or coral bottom. To avoid being injured it’s better to use Reef Booties.

Bali always boasts sunny conditions for almost all year around. While surfing , the hot sun light is surfer’s best friend. Therefore, do not forget to wear waterproof sun block as well as a rash guard. To protect your head and skin, you are strongly advised to wear a hat, water proof sunscreen, towels as well as sunglasses.

When you’re surfing and enjoying Bali ‘s beaches, you don’t need to worry about dress-code. Dress-code doesn’t exist in Bali . You can wear anything you like, such as t-shirt, long pant with long-sleeve wind cheater, short pants, thongs, even not the fancy ones. Also, while your surfing and Bali surf lessons activities you will need to walk on the sand, therefore sand-shoes is a must-wear thing as well.

For those who love photography or video-graphy, bringing your camera or handy-cam is a must. Your styles while you surf must be exciting that you don’t want to forget forever. Thus, why don’t ask your buddy to take some good shots while you are riding your surfboard and catching the waves. After your journey in Bali you will carry the most unforgettable Bali surf lessons experiences that you can always behold through the pictures that have been captured.

Remember that after having Bali surf lessons all day long, with so much hot sun light, then you must take care of your skin. During your time to learn to surf Bali , wearing after-sun cream will be so much helpful for your skin in order to avoid of getting burned. For some beaches where are located near forest, you might find mosquito around the beach. Therefore you also must prepare insect repellent in your backpack.

Having a great relaxation on the beach is also one thing that shouldn’t miss after surfing. For having maximum comfort you can bring along your MP4 or disc-man, as well as your favorite books. You can lay down on the cozy chairs on the beach while reading and listening to the music. Even better, your eyes will be pampered by the most stunning sunset’s panorama; all these things make your surfing experience in Bali cannot be so ordinary.

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