Serangan Bali Surfing

Serangan is now known as the turtle area, to surf in Serangan you have to follow the By Pass Road to Sanur, but about half way there from Kuta you will see a mega wholesale store called the Makro just before the Makro on the opposite side of the road there is a new unsealed limestone road(white rock) turn in there and it will take down to the waves. This surfing spot is visited by many surfers of all kinds of surfing skill levels, people who only want to surf Bali or wish to learn how to surf in Bali.

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Wet Season

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This place does get crowded, not very long ago this was a secret spot. Please access this page for more information about the Serangan Bali Surf Site.

The old people recognized this surfing site as Turtle Island due to its history when many turtles appeared in the pool and then were sold to some butchers. In Serangan you can find one of the most important temples in Bali. One time in Suharto rezime, this place was planned to build a big casino as well as new harbor. Then, all the area was filled in by the water and covered with coral reefs, sand, and mud. Those wondering to explore this place but are still not confident enough, Odysseys Bali surf school will teach you how to surf properly.

At that time, people who came there were only Balinese, tourists, or those who were into the ceremony of Balinese. Some years ago, the surfers found out the waves breaking on the reef in long distant, definitely this surfing area didn’t fit to paddle out to. Now this surfing spot is getting popular for its surfing breaks. Why the surfers keep coming to Serangan especially since this spot can be surfed at all tides, another reason is because Serangan is a wet season break. Some students of Odysseys have chosen to get practice for their Bali surf lessons in this surfing location.

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