Green Balls Bali Surfing

To get to Green Balls just head out towards Ulu and follow the signs to the Bali Cliff resort and you’re there.

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Green Balls is situated at the bottom of a cliff, to get down there you have to follow a stair case of around 500 odd sized steps. No worries going down but after you have been surfing for a couple of hours the return leg is a bit harder. You can always pay someone a couple of dollars to carry your things for you to make it a bit easier, crowds are not a problem here.

After hiking down and up many stairs, you will find the amazing waves in this spot. The best view of this spot is when the waves are breaking once you get there. The swell there is almost the same as you can find in Nusa Dua, the difference is that Green Balls faces south. Odysseys Bali Surf School suggests all the surfers to surf there around mid tide. However you should be aware with the waves that could generate the powerful current.

From the primary Green Balls break, there is a left breaking across the paddle out channel. You are allowed to ride it when it is good and possible to surf. Be careful with the strong current there, sometimes it can take away your board. Also, the extreme high tide enables the break to become backwashy. After joining Bali Surf Lessons with Odysseys, you will definitely have enough courage to experience this site.

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