3 Surfboards from Putu Juliasa a.k.a Ulik


Thank you Ulik!

We were stocked that one of our good friends; Putu Juliasa a.k.a Ulik was donating three surfboards today.

What a good start! 

Those boards are still in the good conditions. Really good surfboards!

Odysseys Surf School will just need to fix some small dings & the fin’s plug and then put the fins on it.

Again, thank you Ulik, your donation really means a lot for us to keep supporting the community and it means the world for the future Indonesian surfer.

To anyone who wants to donate your old surfboard on this project, please feel free to contact us!

We are now contacting the local community in all around Indonesia to do the survey and deliver the boards. If you guys have any informations about the local community that need the most from this project, please let us know by contacting to:

Lentera Lenjaya ( +6281 936 268 682 )