Restaurants in Bali

When you just finished your first surf lesson at Odysseys Surf School you will be tired. Surfing is fun but it also costs a lot of energy, especially in the beginning. To recover good and gain enough energy for the next surf lesson, a good meal is highly recommended! Besides the many Warungs in Bali, there are also many good restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal. We made a list with some outstanding restaurants around Kuta Beach. Eating at one of these restaurants is almost better than surfing!


  1. Café La Passion – Balangan

This café/restaurant is based in Balangan, close to Ulutwatu. The restaurant looks really nice with a beautiful wall painting of the logo. There are some surfboards hanging at the wall. This makes the decoration cool and cozy. The staff is nice and helpful. The food is Mexican/Spanish; you can order some lovely taco’s, burritos, quesadillas or pizza for a really good price. The taste is awesome; the chef knows what he is doing. When you are there around lunch you can even take a dive in the pool to get some cool down. When you have early dinner or just a drink, don’t forget to see the sunset. There is a hotspot 1km from La Passion where the sunset is amazing.


  1. Rosso Vino – Kuta

Rosso Vino is based in Kuta at the Jalan Pantai Kuta. The restaurant has a big terrace where you can eat. The staff is fast and friendly. The menu is Italian, they have delicious pasta’s and pizza’s. The price is a bit higher than other restaurant but it’s definitely worth a visit!


  1. Bali Black Rump – Kuta

If you want to go for some good steak, Bali Black Rump is the place where you need to be! The restaurant doesn’t look really pretty but that will be compared with the food! All the steaks are imported from Australia, which gives them that extra juicy taste. With the steak you can choose what you what salad, potatoes and sauce/gravy you want. The prices are very cheap for good steak, around 100k for a steak! This is the place for real steak lovers.


  1. La Baracca – Seminyak

A restaurant based in Petitenget, Seminyak. The owner is Italian; he knows how to bring the taste of Italian food to Bali. The interior is very cool; a vintage look makes it feels like you are in a restaurant in a small iconic Italian village. The staff is friendly and fast, the service level is very good. The owner comes to check if everything is as you wished. He is really working hard to keep his standards so high. The prices are really good in comparison to the quality of the food, which makes it even better. This restaurant really knows how to make a good Italian meal!


  1. Wacko – Seminyak

There are burgers, there are good burgers and there is Wacko! This burgers are really outstanding, baked to perfection. The bun is good, the lettuce and tomatoes are tasteful and the toppings are delicious. There are around 8 different burgers you can choose and the best part is: you can use your own imagination to create your own burger! How cool is that? You can choose if you want beef, chicken or a vegetarian burger. The staff is really friendly, they introduce themselves and have a little small talk with you. They are very fast as well; you don’t have to wait long for your tasty burger. The wacko sauce is their homemade special mayonnaise; very delicious. The presentation of the burger is very good, on a wooden plate with perfect French fries on the side. For the taste of a real beef patty, Wacko is the place to be!


  1. Café Bali – Seminyak

Café Bali is a café/restaurant in Seminyak what is really nice for a good fast international meal. They have a menu, which includes many international cuisines. You can have Dutch bitterballs, Indian Curry, Italian pasta, Indonesian Gado Gado and many other things. The interior makes the restaurant look like a big living room, which creates a warmth and comfortable atmosphere. The staff is also friendly and there are many waiters walking around, ready to help you whenever you want. The prices are normal, they suit the concept very well. This is an ideal restaurant when you want to recover from your surf lesson at Odysseys Surf School.


  1. Rouge – Ubud

If you are in for some sushi made to perfection, you have to go to La Rouge in Ubud. This restaurant has a beautiful relaxing garden where you can enjoy your sushi. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The owner is French, when he is around he will introduce himself to you and tell you about all the beautiful spots in Ubud. A really nice man who knows how to run a restaurant. The sushi is so good and fresh; the sashimis almost melt on your tongue. They have a wide assortment of sushi so everyone can choose there favorite ones. This restaurant is really worth the trip from Kuta to Ubud!


  1. Flapjacks – Kuta

Flapjacks is more the kind of restaurant where you can go for breakfast/lunch or desert. They have high quality pancakes and waffles that make your mouth water when you look at it. There are many choices between the pancakes and the waffles what makes it a big variety. Almost all the pancakes and waffles are with a scoop of home made gelato. This restaurant is good for everyone; kids will fall in love with the place.