Helpful health information while traveling in Bali

When traveling to Bali there is a couple of helpful health information there would be good to know before you go and while you are staying in Bali. The list below points out some helpful tips about what to be caution about on your vacation to paradise.

The following information must be viewed as a guide only. It is highly recommended to consult your medical practitioner prior to travel for professional medical advice.


  • Vaccinations

Before you go to Bali you should check which vaccinations are required and do so in good time as you want to make sure there is enough time to get them done. Some of them might be needed up till 6-8 weeks before departure. The recommendation for vaccinations is provided on an individual basis as the past medical and vaccination history plays a part. Also intended activities, style of travel, type of accommodation, time of year and length of stay have influence on the required vaccinations.


Your medical practitioner can instruct you on which vaccinations you need prior to travelling to Bali. Being probably vaccinated is important to prevent diseases and to make your stay most comfortable. Being a caution traveler with the right vaccines will help protect your health while you are away.


  • Animals/mosquitoes

A good reminder in Bali is to avoid any contact with animals. Mosquitoes can cause some health risks as they can be carrier of diseases and it is therefore a good idea to use insect repellent while traveling. Malaria is not a high risk in Bali but some region may be exposed to it so it is a good idea to consult with your medical practitioner before you go.

Another health risk in Bali is rabies. The risks increases with extended travel and the likelihood of animal contact. Dogs are the main carriers but monkeys, bats, cats & other animals may also transmit the disease. The best way to avoid rabies is to avoid any contact with animals. Consult your medical practitioner if a pre-exposure vaccination is recommended or necessary for you.


  • Hygiene

Some of the major issues you will be facing while traveling to Bali are those associated with hygiene, safe water and safe food. The local hygiene in Bali is getting better and better but be smart where you are eating. If you want to try street food and/or local places then choose one there is busy, clean and where you see local people eat as well. Also keep a good hygiene yourself. Wash your hands before eating and bring a small hand sanitizer. Only drink bottled water and if you want to be sure then use bottled water for brushing your teeth as well.

Keep this in mind and you will safe yourself from a vacation with diarrhea.


  • Sun

This might seem oblivious to you but needlessly this advice is still very important. Bali is lucky to be blessed with many warm and sunny days year around and we cannot point of how critical important it is to put sunscreen on. Not only does a severe sunburn ruin your vacation as it can make you very uncomfortable and ill but it can also have negative long term effects. Do yourself the favour of always carrying sun factor with you and reapply as many time needed.