Bali surfing improvement; How to wipeout like a pro?

A wipeout is the art of falling of your surfboard when surfing. Most surfers try to avoid wipeouts, but sometimes there is no escape from a bad plunge. During a bad wipeout you have the chance to damage your board, or even worse, face some serious injuries such as broken bones, cuts and gashes. Surfing goes hand in hand with wiping out, so some good tips and advice will only do you good!


There are a few things you should keep in mind when you go surfing and you wipeout. First off, you should know what is on the bottom. If there is a sandy bottom, you can use your feet to push off from the bottom. Then again, if you are surfing on a reef break or on a spot with a rocky bottom, it’s wiser to stay clear from the bottom otherwise you could end up with a twisted ankle.


Secondly, you should know where your board is flying off to when you wipeout. Always keep an eye on your board. You don’t want your board to get stuck between you and the wave, because it might hit you in the head.


And finally, you should always be aware of the other surfers around you. There is always the possibility that the other surfers did not see you wipeout. This creates a whole new set of things that can hit you while you wipeout, so always be aware of your surroundings. All in all, you should know your surfing spot. This can save you a whole lot of injuries and broken boards!


We’ve also summed up a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for your future wipeouts. If you follow these simple rules, your next wipeout isn’t going to be that bad!


Tip 1: Jump away from you board.

You should use your last bit of balance to jump off the board. The best direction to jump to is to the back of the board, in this way the board will be pushed forward and it will no longer trouble you!


Tip 2: Jump shallow and butt first.

When you fall down, make sure you fall down as shallow as possible. In this way you won’t go deep and you won’t touch the bottom. It is also wise to jump butt first, in this way you won’t end up hurting your legs or your arms!


Tip 3: Cover your head and stay calm:

As soon as you go under water you should protect your head. Put your chin on your chest and use your arms to shield your face and head. If you protect your head like this, you minimize head injuries! You should also stay calm as long as you stay under. Everyone can hold their breath way longer than they think, so there is no reason to panic!


Tip 4: Try to pass under the wave.

The surface of the wave contains the most force and energy, so if you try to stay low the wave will pass over you and you won’t tumble around as much. It also helps to remain calm when you don’t get tumbled around!


Tip 5: Come up slow and protect your head.

When you come back to the surface, you should do it sort of slowly. You never know what is right above you, so if you resurface fast you might end up smacking into your own board. This is way you should come up slow and protect your head with at least one arm. In this way you won’t get any bruises from your own board!


These tips will make you a “wipeout professional” and if you follow them correctly, your next wipeout won’t be half as bad!


If you have any other tips about how to survive your wipeout, or if you have a good wipeout story to tell, please feel free to share in the comment section below!


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Bali surfing improvement; How to wipeout like a pro?

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