How to choose the right surfboard?

Kuta Beach is one of the best places in the world where u can learn to surf. It’s not only good for beginners but also for intermediates and advanced surfers. To go surfing, you need a board of course. For beginning or intermediate surfers it can be a hard decision to choose the right board. There are many options because there are different types of boards. So how do you know which board is good for you? There are five important factors, which you should consider when choosing the right board.


Board types:


There are around 4 different types of surfboards:

  • The longboard, good for beginners.
  • The funboard, for beginners and intermediates.
  • The shortboard, for intermediates and advanced.
  • The fish, for intermediates and advanced.


Surfer level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced?


When you are a beginner it’s the easiest to start with a longboard. This board is longer and wider and made from soft material what makes it easier to float and keep your balance. We don’t recommend starting with a shortboard because it will take a long and hard way to learn it. It’s easier to start with a longboard to learn the basics. For intermediates it can be more fun to take a fun board or maybe even a short board. This will ask more from your paddling skills because the boards are smaller and less thick but faster or the waves. It can be that you really like longboards and want to practice your board walking skills. Advanced surfers know what they like and what they are doing, but also for them it’s important to choose the right board.



Weight is an important factor when choosing the right board. When you are a light person, a shorter board will be better for you to paddle and make turns. When you are a heavy person a longer thicker board will be better for you because it floats better and makes the paddling and turns easier.


Wave types:

Choosing the right board also depends on the wave types you want to ride. Long and fun boards are better for smaller, slower waves. When you want to try bigger, hollow waves or try to catch a barrel, short and fish boards are perfect for this. So for beginners the smaller, slower waves will be the best to learn the basic skills. For the more intermediate, advanced surfers the bigger waves will be more fun.


Surf frequency:

This is also an important factor for choosing the right board. If you want to go surf every day, you can choose a shorter board because you will be able to learn faster. When you decide to go surf once a week or even less, its better to choose a longer board to have more fun. It will take longer to learn when you don’t surf that often so it’s killing when you are struggling with you board all the time. Remember this; Surfing is all about fun! Don’t let the wrong board ruin it.

We hope this article clears a lot about choosing the right board. If you not, feel free to come by at Odysseys Surf School for more advise or just leave a comment!


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