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Surfing terms

There are hundreds of special terms in the surfing world. Here is your first glossary list of surfing terms. This nice and short list only contains the selected essential words for beginner surfers! Aggro – an Australian expression for aggressive surfing/surfer Backwash – when a wave wash up the beach and returns back to the … Continue reading Surfing terms


Surf Bikinis

TOP 4 Recommendation Surf Bikinis All surfer girls probably know the fear of coming back up after a big wipeout only to find out that they’re showing a bit more skin than they’d like to. Surfing in a bikini is awesome, but it comes with a certain level of risk. If you are not wearing … Continue reading Surf Bikinis


Surf power and energy

Everyone who’s ever tried surfing before knows: surfing is fun! Once you’ve ridden that first wave chances are you will want to stay in the water all day long. However, apart from really fun surfing unfortunately also is very tiring. From our years of teaching experience, we have learned that especially if you are new … Continue reading Surf power and energy


Prevent surfer’s ear with Surfears® when you are surfing in Bali

Surfer’s ear is a common problem for people who surf a lot, especially in colder or polluted waters. Another word for surfer’s ear is exotosis, which is Greek for ‘new bone’. New bone is exactly the problem with surfer’s ear: it is believed that as a result of frequent exposure to (cold) seawater the bones … Continue reading Prevent surfer’s ear with Surfears® when you are surfing in Bali


Activities during wet season in Bali

Now that we are in the midst of the rainy season, you will inevitably have to deal with some days rimmed by dark clouds and plagued by what seems like never-ending showers during your stay in Bali. The good news, however, is that usually the rain in Bali does end soon! It is very rare … Continue reading Activities during wet season in Bali


Bali surfing health benefits and surfstoke

If you are in Bali, it is very important to enjoy every little second that you have on this Island of Gods. Sleeping on the beach, cruising your moped through the rice paddies, indulging in all that delicious food And of course, lets not forget about stunning sunsets on the beach whilst enjoying an ice-cold … Continue reading Bali surfing health benefits and surfstoke