How to stand on the board – 3 steps!

Surfing, as you know, basically start from standing on the board. If you cannot stand, then you won’t be able to do anything with the wave. Remember this short explanation that makes easier when you try to stand on the board.


When you see the wave is coming 4-5m from you, turn your board heading to the beach and get on the board from your chest.

When you get on the board, your foot must be on the tail.

If you are at too back, your board cannot get speed, If you are at too front, your board will lean front and fall.

If the wave is 3m behind of you, start to paddle

When you paddle, close your finger and paddle long and deep

The wave is getting close; paddle should be fast and strong and when you feel the wave is pushing your board, stand up.


So, there are simple 3 steps when you stand up on the board.

  1. First, your hands close to besides of your chest as close as possible and push up whole your body
  2. Your back foot (stronger foot) comes to the middle of the board first.
  3. The other foot follows your back foot, then bend your knees, and see the front. Try to adjust your balance

If you feel the speed is too fast, lean back your body or if you feel the speed is too slow, lean forward your body.


This seems very easy, but it will be difficult if you try to stand on the board first time by yourself without any instruction. So, why don’t you try surf lesson with Odysseys surf school? You will surely stand on the board and ride a wave in a one-day lesson!