Bali Surfing Information

Uluwatu Bali Surfing

Uluwatu is situated at the southern end of Bali, these days you can drive or ride all the way to the warungs on a sealed road. There are 4 different sections at Ulu; there’s Temples which is a long and hollow wave that works on the mid to high tide. The Peak right in front … Continue reading Uluwatu Bali Surfing

What To Bring Surfing

Beside the surfboard as the main surfing equipment, there are some another equipments that you should bring along wherever you go surfing or having a Bali surf lesson . Reef Booties is important to be used while you surf . The reason is because the surf spots in Bali mostly have the break onto reef … Continue reading What To Bring Surfing

Why Surfing In Bali

For all water sport’s fanatics, Surfing in Bali is one of the most dreamed holiday’s activities. Bali is a gateway to the most incredible surfing experiences. Being famed as surfer’s paradise, Bali also offers many great surf spots as well as awesome waves to be conquered. For those who desire to master surfing through professional … Continue reading Why Surfing In Bali